ep. 46: Jen Kite


Children’s store owner Jen Kite talks about the best natural deodorant, her tips for turning your shower into a spa using essential oils, and the beauty tool you should be buying at the grocery store

Ashtin Paige

Ashtin Paige


Our guest this week is Jen Kite, the owner of Scout, an online children’s shop that offers a thoughtfully selected collection of responsibly-made clothing, gifts, accessories, and nursery decor. In this interview, Jen told us about why she decided to open a children’s store, and her decision to forgo a brick-and-mortar location in favor of an online shop. Jen has a background working in both the fashion and the solar energy industries (talk about multi-talented!), and her varied background informed her decision to focus on stocking up-and-coming brands and designers who use sustainable production methods.

Jen’s commitment to independent brands with a focus on sustainability extends to her simple and effective beauty routine. Jen is not only an entrepreneur, but a mother of two young girls, so her routine needs to be easy and quick. In this episode, Jen told me about her favorite cleansing oil, the tea she uses to unwind, and the tool she uses to make herself look more awake (without makeup!). Jen and Jesse also bonded over their mutual obsession with Kroger’s cotton rounds.

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You can find Jen online at Scout-Baby.com or on Instagram @scoutbaby. Just in time for the holidays, Jen is hosting a pop-up shop through December 23rd at the Singalong Shop in East Nashville! Be sure to stop by to admire (and shop!) Jen’s thoughtfully curated selection of children’s items.

Quick programming note: This will be the last episode of Mirror Mirror for 2018! We hope you have a wonderful new year, and we will see you again in January with new episodes!

Jen and her two daughters.  Photo by Ashtin Paige

Jen and her two daughters. Photo by Ashtin Paige



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Ashtin Paige

Ashtin Paige

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