ep. 43: Robin Riddell Jones


Wine consultant Robin Riddell Jones talks about why learning about wine doesn’t have to be complicated, the lipstick that won’t budge through hours of wine tastings, and why Paul Newman is her ultimate beauty icon

Heidi Ross

Heidi Ross

I love [the wine business] because it constantly changes. If anybody in the wine world tells you they know everything, they’re wrong. Because every season is different – it’s living. And it should be different. If the wine is tasting the same and acting the same year after year, then you’re tasting a wine that’s being manufactured, not grown.
— Robin RIddell Jones

Our guest this week is Robin Riddell Jones, the wine expert behind Tavola Wine. Through Tavola, Robin offers a myriad of services for everyone from uneducated wine enthusiasts (like host Jesse) to industry wine experts. Her monthly wine subscription includes three bottles of wine that Robin curates, beautifully packages, and delivers straight to your door (PSA: if you’re looking for holiday gift ideas, look no further). Robin also offers regular tasting classes for all experience levels, including an upcoming class on wines under $20 for Thanksgiving. Robin’s philosophy on wine is super-approachable: she thinks everyone has the capacity to learn about, and enjoy, good wine. And the good news is, according to Robin, “good wine” definitely doesn’t have to mean “expensive wine.”

In this episode, Robin talked about how she got into the wine biz, why Jesse shouldn’t feel shame about drinking boxed wine, and gives a recommendation for a great bottle of wine under $20. Robin also talked about how her career in the wine industry has influenced her beauty choices – for example, she needs a lipstick that won’t budge after hours of wine tastings (and she found one!). Robin is not only an entrepreneur, but she is a mom of three kids under the age of four (!!) and she told us about how being a mom influenced her to switch to clean skincare and makeup products, like the foundation she uses to make her own tinted moisturizer and the highlighter that doesn’t make her look like a glittery disco ball. Robin also explains why we should all buy a pair of fancy nail clippers, and why her ultimate beauty icon is Paul Newman.

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You can find Robin online at TavolaWine.Com or on Instagram @tavolawine.

Tavola’s beautifully-packaged monthly wine subscription service.  Photo by Heidi Ross

Tavola’s beautifully-packaged monthly wine subscription service. Photo by Heidi Ross



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Heidi Ross

Heidi Ross

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