ep. 27: Hayley Williams


Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams talks to us about her struggles with acne, her favorite natural skincare products, why she decided to launch hair dye company goodDYEyoung, and how self-expression helps her cope with anxiety and depression.

Expression is survival to me, because I’ve seen it save me in so many different aspects of my life.  Whether that was hair and fashion, and having an avenue to be a weirdo, or music.  And I’m learning more about expression.
. . . I’m learning more about my personal voice that isn’t for the radio or for a CD, but is about speaking my truth.
— Hayley Williams
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Mirror Mirror is so excited about our guest for Episode 27, Hayley Williams.  Hayley is the lead vocalist for the band Paramore and the co-founder of an innovative hair dye company, goodDYEyoung.  Hayley told us about her experiences in Paramore, and about how being in the spotlight from a young age shaped her self-identity and ideas about beauty.  We talked about Hayley's favorite ways to use goodDYEyoung's newest product, Poser Paste — a line of vibrantly colored, highly pigmented wash-out styling pastes.  Hayley also talked about how she uses self-expression in all its forms — from hair, to makeup, to creating music — as a tool for coping with depression and anxiety.

Of course, Hayley also told Jesse about her favorite beauty products and rituals, including the natural skincare products that helped her to overcome acne, her favorite drugstore eyeliner, and her signature perfume oil.

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You can find Hayley online at Paramore.net, goodDYEyoung.com and on Instagram @goodDYEyoung.


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