ep. 08: Amber Curry


Natural hair stylist Amber Curry talks misconceptions about natural hair, body positivity and the $8 highlighter you will wear all summer.

Ashtin Paige

Ashtin Paige


Our guest this week is Amber Curry, a hairstylist who specializes in natural hairstyles.

We talked to Amber about common misconceptions about natural hair — both women's misconceptions about their own hair, as well as societal misconceptions about what natural hair "should" look like.  We also talked about Amber's favorite products, including her favorite products for women with natural hair, the exfoliating powder she swears by, and the $8 highlighter that we promise you are going to wear all summer.

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You can find Amber online at www.bespokecurry.com and on Instagram @bespokecurry.


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Ashtin Paige

Ashtin Paige

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