Ashtin Paige

Ashtin Paige

EP. 15: Melissa Watkins talks shopping for beauty supplies at international markets, why you shouldn't cover up your arms in the summer, and her love for apple cider vinegar 


Our guest this week is Melissa Watkins, the fashion and lifestyle blogger behind the website Fab Glance.

I talked to Melissa about how her experiences as a tall and plus-sized teen helped to shape her sense of style, and how she accidentally became a personal stylist in college (spoiler: she was the only person brave enough to take the bus to the mall).  Melissa told me about how she encourages her readers to feel confident, and why she started the #ShowYourArms campaign, which encourages women to post photos of themselves on social media without their arms covered up.   Perhaps most importantly, Melissa taught me that we all should definitely be doing our beauty shopping at the international market (the almond oil is super cheap there!), and why apple cider vinegar is her life force (doesn't it seem like ACV comes up in every episode? It truly is a miracle product!).  We also talked about Melissa's experiences as a black fashion blogger in the South, and the importance of including diverse voices from all walks of life in the fashion and blogging industry.   

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You can find Melissa online at and on Instagram @fabglance.


melissa's desert-island products

  1. SWAD Almond Oil*
  2. Melissa's homemade facial mist, including apple cider vinegar, orange blossom water, rose water, almond oil, and essential oils.  She keeps it in an old Lush toner spray bottle, which I love!*
  3. Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub*
  4. Cortas Orange Blossom Water*
  5. Simple Truth Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar*
  6. Shea Moisture Peace Rose Oil Complex Sensitive Skin Facial Moisturizer
  7. CeraVe Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Cream*

*Indicates items discussed on the podcast.

Other things discussed in this episode:

You can find more information about the #ShowYourArms campaign here.  It          is too hot to cover up your arms!

Ashtin Paige

Ashtin Paige

more pics of Melissa and her incredible style

thank you, melissa!