EP. 19: irma paz-bernstein talks her transition from tv producer TO SMALL BUSINESS OWNER, the correlation between empathy and beauty, concious transformation and the kitchen tool she uses to curl her lashes


Our guest this week is Irma Paz-Bernstein, co-owner of Las Paletas in the 12South neighborhood of Nashville.

Nearly twenty years ago, Irma left her job as a television producer at Telemundo in California to move to Nashville to help her sister start a business. After brainstorming numerous ideas, Irma and Norma settled on creating and selling paletas, a Mexican frozen treat they grew up eating daily in their native Mexico that is similar to an American ice pop. They opened the doors to Las Paletas in 2001, receiving national recognition in outlets like Bon Appetit, The New York Times, People, Huffington Post, Rolling Stone, Washington Post and Food Network.

We talked to Irma about her career change, the road trip she once took with her sister and 3-month old niece to Mexico from Nashville for paletas research, and how she learned to make them authentically. Irma shared her thoughts on aging and conscious transformation, the correlation between empathy and beauty, and her love for natural ingredients. Irma also shared her proclivity for lipstick markers and the kitchen tool she uses to curl her lashes.

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You can find Irma online at LasPaletas.com.

Ashtin Paige

Ashtin Paige


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