Ashtin Paige

Ashtin Paige

EP. 03: eileen ray talks about transitioning from fashion to farming, herbal remedies, and how to diy your own spot treatment


Our guest this week is Eileen Ray, who owns Little Seed Farm with her husband James.  Little Seed Farm manufactures humanely and sustainably produced soaps and skincare products, which you can find on their website and in Target Stores nationwide. 

Before moving from New York to Tennessee to start Little Seed Farm, Eileen worked in fashion and her husband James worked in finance.  Both unhappy in their careers, Eileen and James took a risk and moved to Tennessee to start a farm. 

Eileen talked to us about having the courage to switch careers, and how her love of medicinal herbs inspired her to create her own natural soaps and skincare products.  Eileen also gave us the recipe for her Himalayan Salt Treatment, which can be used as a spot treatment and hair volumizer. Download the episode on iTunes or listen above, and scroll down for a full product breakdown and DIY instructions!

You can find Eileen online at and on Instagram @littleseedfarm.

Ashtin Paige

Ashtin Paige

Ashtin Paige

Ashtin Paige

eileen's desert-island products

  1. Little Seed Farm Activated Charcoal Facial Soap*
  2. Little Seed Farm Botanical Butter*
  3. Little Seed Farm Deodorant Cream*
  4. Himalayan Salt Treatment DIY (see recipe below)
  5. Little Seed Farm Elasticity Serum*

*Indicates items discussed on the podcast.


Other things discussed in this episode:

Eileen’s homemade body wash recipe.





eileen's himalayan salt treatment


  • 1 oz. dropper bottle
  • Witch hazel or distilled water (please do not use tap water as it will not stay properly preserved)
  • Himalayan salt
  • Geranium Essential Oil (optional)


  1. Add 1/4 oz of Himalayan salt to the dropper bottle.
  2. Add 3 drops of geranium essential oil to the dropper bottle.
  3. Fill the dropper bottle to 1 centimeter below the bottleneck with distilled water or witch hazel.
  4. Seal the bottle with the dropper cap and shake for a minute, or until most of the salt has dissolved. (Please note that not all of the salt will dissolve, and that's fine! You are going for a very saline solution).

Use as...

A spot treatment: Apply as a spot treatment to breakouts after cleansing and toning. Allow to dry before moisturizing. (In some cases, it may sting a bit, but this is just the salt doing its thing and helping you heal!) The mineral rich Himalayan salt disinfects and dries up breakouts, while the minerals help speed healing. Geranium essential oil helps skin balance oil production and lets your breakout know it can back off.

A hair volumizer: Apply 1-4 dropperfuls to damp hair for beach waves, or dry hair for extra volume. I find this helps give my extra fine hair so much more body to work with, as well as a little texture and grip to aid in styling.


more pics of eileen, her farm & product line

thank you, eileen!